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Suri Cruise's EPIC Temper Tantrum! | TMZ

June 28, 2019 smartblogs 0

Suri Cruise is a six year old girl… and every parent knows that six year old girls throw some EPIC temper tantrums. Well, Suri is no exception. SUBSCRIBE: … source Celebrities Cruise

Celebrities Cruise

How tall is Tom Cruise really?

June 17, 2019 smartblogs 0

Megastar actor Tom Cruise is not a big guy. But I dont think he’s as small as some people want to believe. Pinning down his height is not going to be easy … source Celebrities […]

Celebrities Cruise

Why Hollywood Hates Tom Cruise

June 11, 2019 smartblogs 0

Why Hollywood Hates Tom Cruise. Why hollywood has a problem with tom cruise Why Hollywood Hates Tom Cruise He has been divorced three times Not long … source Celebrities Cruise